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Navigating Spousal Support Issues

After a divorce, there is often significant disparity in the earning capacity of the ex-spouses. In some situations, it is appropriate to award one party spousal support (also known as alimony or spousal maintenance).

There are different types of spousal support, including:

  • Temporary: Paid during the course of divorce proceedings, before the final decree
  • Rehabilitative: Awarded to one spouse to help him or her gain the education and training needed to become self-supporting
  • Permanent: Long-term support awarded at the final divorce decree

The amount and duration of support depends upon a number of factors, including the income, earning ability, age, health, and marital conduct of each spouse and the length of the marriage.

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We are well-versed in North Dakota and Minnesota spousal support laws and know how judges are likely to rule in these often-contentious cases. From property division issues to spousal support, we are prepared to protect your financial future in divorce.

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