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Syngenta Corn Litigation

Conmy Feste Ltd. has joined with a team of lawyers to represent farmers in what is called the Syngenta Corn Litigation. The allegations are that Syngenta prematurely marketed unapproved GMO corn, specifically corn seed with the MIR162 trait, known as Viptera seed. In November 2013, China found MIR 162 in all US corn imports and effectively closed their market to all US corn. The lawsuit is to recoup the financial losses to farmers.

There are some common misconceptions about this litigation:

  • This is not just for farmers who grew Syngenta seed. Syngenta marketed its Viptera seed without approval from China. As a result, China (one of our largest trading partners), stopped buying U.S. corn. This stoppage reportedly hurt corn prices for every U.S. corn farmer and everyone who grows corn can join the lawsuit.
  • You only pay if we (the lawyers) succeed. Under our agreement, our clients only pay if we are successful. If we win, we split the recovery 60-40 (the farmer gets 60%) and the lawyers pay expenses out of their share. You do not owe us anything for attorney fees or expenses if we lose. Attorneys are paid out of the case recovery or get no money at all.
  • Estimated damages are significant. The National Grain and Feed Association estimates that every corn farmer in the U.S. has lost $0.11-$0.50/bushel per year because of this issue, and that loss may continue for multiple years. There is no guaranty we win, but if you don’t sign up, you may not get anything.

If you are interested in joining this litigation, we can represent you in your potential claim. You can contact our law firm online or by telephone at 701-353-0454.