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When are hotel owners liable for an accident on the premises?

Accidents can happen anywhere, even in places we consider safe, like hotels. This raises the question, though, of when responsibility might fall on the hotel owner if an accident occurs on their premises.

Finding the answer and establishing fault hinges on several factors that determine hotel liability in such situations.

Negligence in maintenance

Hotel owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition for guests. If they fail to repair known hazards or neglect routine maintenance, they could be liable for accidents. For instance, if a guest slips and falls on a wet floor that was not properly marked or cleaned, the hotel might be responsible for the injuries sustained.

Failure to warn

Even if a hotel owner cannot immediately fix a hazardous condition, they still have an obligation to warn guests about potential dangers. This includes putting up signs or barriers to alert guests to wet floors, broken stairs or other hazards. Failure to provide adequate warning could result in liability if an accident occurs due to the lack of notice.

Inadequate security measures

Hotels are also expected to provide reasonable security measures to protect their guests from foreseeable harm, such as theft or assault. If a hotel fails to implement adequate security measures and a guest sustains harm as a result, the hotel may be liable for negligence.

Slip and fall accidents account for over 1 million emergency room visits each year. Keeping in mind that falls only account for a fraction of hotel accidents, it becomes clear that the dangers of negligence in the hotel setting are very real. Understanding how to determine who is at fault in a premises liability accident is an important part of protecting yourself while traveling.