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What are “dooring” accidents?

There’s a new wave of people who are prioritizing cycling over using their cars. This not only helps people stay fit by giving them a daily dose of exercise each day but it’s also cheaper and can help the economy. However, many places don’t make it possible for cyclists to stay safe on the road.

The biggest worry that many cyclists have is getting in an accident with a vehicle. People in cars are often unaffected by accidents with people on bicycles. The size of a car, seatbelts and airbags often protect drivers from severe injuries. But, cyclists are often left with nothing more than a flimsy helmet to protect them. As a result, many suffer severe injuries and losses.

Bike lanes and laws can help reduce biking accidents. However, many cyclists still suffer injuries because of “dooring” accidents. A “dooring” accident happens when a driver hits a cyclist with their door. This happens a lot in crowded streets and when drivers don’t look at their surroundings.

How can drivers prevent “dooring” accidents?

There’s a very simple solution that can prevent “dooring” accidents and it’s called the “Dutch Reach.” The Dutch Reach focuses on how a driver (or passenger) opens up their door. Many people will open their car door with their closest hand to the door. With the Dutch Reach, drivers open their doors with their farthest hand. This causes the driver to turn slightly in their seat, allowing them to see over their shoulder for oncoming cyclists.

The Dutch Reach is simple, but not enough drivers know about this technique. As a result, cyclists can be injured and may need legal help to seek compensation for their injuries.