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4 parties that can be liable for a truck accident

Being involved in a truck accident can be devastating. Due to a truck’s size and weight, you can sustain severe injuries and damages. Accordingly, you may need to claim a large settlement. But, several parties are involved in the operation of a truck. So, who can you blame for your injuries?

Here are four potential liable parties:


If a truck driver acts negligently, causing an accident, they should be held answerable. For example, if they violate a traffic law. But despite being behind the wheel, a driver may not be automatically or solely be liable for a truck accident.

The trucking company

Trucking companies have duties to observe to ensure their drivers or vehicles don’t cause accidents. Firstly, a trucking company should have reasonable work hours and rest periods to guarantee only well-rested drivers operate their trucks. Further, a company should have a compensation system that doesn’t force drivers to violate traffic laws to make more money.

Regular drug testing is also crucial, as it prevents impaired drivers from operating a company’s vehicles. 

Additionally, a trucking company should perform proper inspection and maintenance on trucks to avoid accidents caused by mechanical issues.  

If a trucking company fails to observe its duty and an accident occurs, it can be at fault.

Note that if a trucking company leases trucks, the leasing company may be responsible for vehicle maintenance, in which case, they will be liable if a mechanical issue causes an accident.

The cargo loader 

Cargo loaders are responsible for loading trucks. If they overload a truck or fail to secure cargo properly, resulting in an accident, they will be the appropriate liable party.

The manufacturer 

If a truck accident occurs due to a manufacturing/design defect, the manufacturer or designer may be answerable.

Truck accidents can be complicated. You should get legal help to obtain more information about your case.