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3 things drivers do that they probably don’t consider dangerous

When someone takes the wheel of a vehicle, they agree (without explicitly saying so) to act responsibly and drive with caution.

If you stand and watch the traffic passing for five minutes you will soon see that many drivers are anything but cautious and responsible. But most drivers are decent enough and would hate to think they were doing anything dangerous. The truth is, they often are.

Here are some of the everyday things that most drivers would consider innocuous but could actually be the reason for a crash:

Talking to passengers

No one expects drivers to drive in silence, but there are times when they need to do less talking and listening and give their full attention to the road. Conversations can be very distracting as they occupy your thoughts. In some cases, it can even lead to drivers getting riled up and taking their aggression out through the steering wheel to the detriment of others.

Looking out of the window

You are meant to look out of the window as you drive, but you are not meant to be staring at the sights, or reading billboards (despite them having been put there to catch your attention). Your eyes are meant to be scanning the road for traffic and hazards.


While driving can certainly be stressful at times, some people can also find it very relaxing, even more so if they accompany it with their favorite music to unwind, such as they may do after a busy day at work. Relaxing too much and letting your attention drift from the immediate present can be lethal when driving.

If someone doing one of these things injures you, they might not feel they did anything wrong. Showing they did can help you get the compensation you need.