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Who pays in an Uber accident?

When you get in a car accident, it can have devastating consequences. You may have injuries that require medical attention, physical therapy or surgeries. In addition to the treatment and recovery needs, the expenses add up quickly.

If your accident occurs in an Uber, you may be able to recover compensation from Uber’s insurance coverage.

How does rideshare insurance work?

Uber has insurance policies that cover its drivers and passengers. When you are online with Uber, the company maintains coverage on your behalf. The level of protection depends on the stage of your trip.

The company’s insurance only offers liability coverage when the app is open. The rideshare’s coverage does not apply when the app is not in use. If a passenger is in the car, the policy covers passenger injuries, even if the driver is negligent.

How does liability affect your case?

Determining who was responsible for your crash is only sometimes necessary to secure payment for your damages in North Dakota. The state has a no-fault system requiring all drivers to carry personal injury protection coverage. However, PIP has limitations, and if you sustain severe or permanent injuries, your insurance may not cover all your costs.

Incidents involving rideshare services can be complex. Often, more than one driver is partially to blame in automobile accident cases. You can recover costs from both Uber’s insurance coverage and the liable party’s insurance, depending on the circumstances of your wreck.

Rideshare accidents are a relatively new area of law that can present unique complications when seeking monetary compensation. Filing a lawsuit requires going outside the no-fault system. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the laws when pursuing a settlement.