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Speeding and traffic crash injury data

Many different risk factors can increase the chances of a traffic crash, such as driving under the influence, using a smartphone behind the wheel and slick roads as a result of poor weather. However, speeding also plays a role in many crashes, and irresponsible drivers go too fast for a host of reasons. It is essential for drivers to review this issue closely and follow the speed limit as well as all other traffic safety guidelines.

Sadly, speeding drivers continue to cause many accidents that leave victims seriously hurt.

Speeding crash statistics

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 308,013 people suffered injuries in accidents that took place because of speeding in 2020. In fact, these crashes accounted for 13% of all traffic accident injury victims over the course of 2020. In addition, many victims sustain fatal injuries due to speeding drivers. Over 11,250 people lost their lives during 2020 because of speed-related accidents, 29% of all traffic crash deaths throughout the year.

Speeding injuries during previous years

In past years, even more people suffered injuries due to speeding drivers. During 2018, more than 358,900 people became hurt due to speed-related collisions, compared to 376,914 in 2016 and 502,846 in 2012. Sadly, drivers could have prevented many of these accidents by respecting the speed limit.

Following a crash, victims and their loved ones should analyze the ins and outs of what occurred on the road. If a driver’s speeding contributed to an accident that left others with serious injuries, they should answer for their irresponsibility.