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4 common causes of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents lead to life-threatening injuries. Whether you ride a motorcycle or drive a car, knowing the common causes of these accidents helps you avoid them.

Keeping yourself and others safe starts with staying aware of the most significant risks on the road. Avoid the following situations and protect everyone.

1. Driving or riding impaired

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol creates a hazard for everyone on the road. Avoid driving or riding impaired.

2. Drivers failing to see a motorcycle

When driving a car, you may not notice a motorcycle as easily as other vehicles. You should double-check your blind spots and keep an eye out for them to avoid accidents.

When riding a motorcycle, try to stand out. Stay aware that drivers may not see you right away and ride defensively.

3. Risky driving or riding behavior

For both motorcyclists and automobile drivers, reckless driving comes with serious consequences. Everyone on the road should use caution at all times, avoid speeding, and obey all traffic laws.

Wearing the proper safety gear is a vital part of safe motorcycle riding behavior. Motorcyclists should wear a helmet in addition to proper boots, gloves and clothes designed for this activity.

4. Improper licensing

Some people wrongly assume that a driver’s license is the only thing required to legally operate a motorcycle. Many fatal motorcycle crashes involve those without a proper motorcycle license.

Everyone on the road benefits from staying a little more alert and following the rules and laws of their area. You help protect yourself and others by driving and riding defensively.