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What factors can lead to motorcycle accidents?

While on the road, you may encounter a variety of obstacles and situations that you did not expect, especially if you are riding a motorcycle.

Knowing the factors that can lead to an accident is important so that you can stay safe.

Leaving items on the road

According to the United States Department of Transportation, even a small piece of debris, like an old tire or a wooden pallet that fell off a truck, can cause a motorcyclist to crash.

Due to the size of these vehicles, you can easily skid, lose your balance and fall on the road. Careless drivers may leave these heavy pieces of equipment or personal items in the middle of a busy lane.

Disregarding road rules

Most vehicles on the road are larger than motorcycles and can cause injuries without warning. This means that a car or truck that abruptly changes lanes can leave you scrambling to stay upright and avoid crashing. A vehicle that ignores stop signs or red lights can ram into an unsuspecting motorcyclist.

Even an error as basic as a trucker forgetting to check his or her mirrors before turning can leave motorcyclists in serious danger.


Speeding also hinders the amount of reaction time a driver has to avoid another person on the road. Motorcycles do not have the same kinds of protection that motor vehicles do.

If a larger speeding car fails to follow the road rules, then you may sustain injuries more than you would if you were in a car or vehicle with doors and a frame. Learning about how motorcycle accidents can happen may help you if you frequently ride on busy roads.