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In construction, negligent third parties may be liable for injuries

From falls, electrocutions or severe burns to catastrophic injuries involving heavy equipment, those working in construction frequently risk bodily harm. In many cases, an injured employee may be able to receive compensation to help pay for medical bills, lost earnings and more by filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Unfortunately, WC benefits alone may not be enough if a worker’s injury is severe. Additionally, not all North Dakota employers carry this type of insurance. However, if a third party was at fault, an injured worker may be able to pursue a personal claim to receive needed compensation.

What is a third-party construction injury claim?

Construction workers often work with third-party individuals and entities that do not belong to their own company. Contractors, subcontractors, equipment providers, property owners and even members of the public may be liable if their negligence leads to worker injury. Some examples of third-party liability in construction include:

  • Property owners who do not maintain a safe work site
  • Equipment manufacturers who provide unsafe or defective products
  • General contractors who neglect job site safety issues
  • Subcontractors who perform faulty work that creates an injury risk
  • Civilian motorists who injure workers while they are on the job

Why file a personal injury claim after a work accident?

A severe construction injury may have a catastrophic impact on an individual’s life. He or she may face a long, difficult and expensive recovery or even have to live with a permanent disability.

If workers’ compensation benefits are available, they may not be enough to cover the physical, financial and emotional damage done. When a third party is a fault, a personal claim may help an injured worker receive the full amount needed to get his or her life back on track.