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The art of negotiation and your business contracts

Having business contracts is a fantastic way to clarify expectations and acknowledge responsibilities. Given the weight of many business-specific agreements, having details recorded in a formal legal document can protect your company against unfounded legal claims.

While the process of developing a contract involves many steps, negotiation is perhaps the most important. Knowing how to negotiate can help you promote your initiatives with poise and professionalism.

Take time to prepare

Preparedness can substantially improve your chances of a successful outcome when it comes to contract negotiation. Research the other party’s interests and purpose for pursuing a formal relationship. Consider how you can modify your requests to appease their desires without compromising your wishes.

Entering contract negotiations after adequate preparation may encourage the other party to more willingly accept your terms. According to Harvard Law School, one of the most challenging aspects of negotiation is the task of incorporating sustainability into the agreement. Even if everything sounds reasonable right now, the terms may require modification as the relationship progresses. Acknowledging this during negotiations can prevent disappointing outcomes.

Show willingness to compromise

Lacking flexibility and a willingness to compromise could undermine your success when negotiating a contract. Prior to meeting with the other party, think carefully about which aspects you will compromise on. Even if you disagree with the other party, willingly listen to their input and show an interest in their wishes.


With thoughtful negotiation, you have the potential to turn any contractual relationship into a successful endeavor. With effective business contracts guiding your formal relationships, you can have peace of mind.