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What machinery on a farm can lead to serious injuries?

Farm work involves various types of machinery that can make the job easier and more efficient. However, this machinery can also pose serious risks.

It is important to be aware of these dangers to stay safe on a farm.


Tractors stand as the backbone of farm operations, due to how people use them to plow fields and transport heavy loads. However, their sheer size and power make them extremely dangerous machines.

Tractor rollovers can occur if the tractor malfunctions and moves unexpectedly. This could greatly harm or even kill a worker. The use of protective structures significantly reduces these risks, but many older models lack safety features.


Combine harvesters streamline the process of harvesting crops by combining three operations, known as reaping, threshing and winnowing, into one. Despite their efficiency, combine harvesters can be hazardous if they malfunction. The intricate machinery includes numerous moving parts that may entangle clothing or limbs, leading to severe injuries or amputations.


Augers help move grain and other materials from one place to another. They have long, rotating screws that can easily catch loose clothing or limbs. When this machine does not work right, auger injuries may be severe and result in amputations.


Balers compress hay, straw or other materials into bales for easy handling and storage. They have powerful mechanisms that can cause crushing injuries if they malfunction, along with other serious wounds.

Employers need to set aside time for maintenance in order to help prevent malfunctioning machines. Any worker suffering from an injury on a farm may want to seek fair compensation.