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Many driving distractions feel “necessary” to drivers 

Many different driving distractions are clearly unnecessary. If someone is trying to read a text message while driving the car, they increase the danger for everyone around them on the road. This is obviously something they shouldn’t do at any time.

But drivers need to understand that a lot of other distractions may feel necessary. This is one of the reasons why distracted driving remains a top cause of motor vehicle accidents. The NHTSA notes that “anything that takes your attention away from the task of safe driving” is a distraction.

Adjusting the vehicle

For example, some drivers get distracted when they have to make adjustments inside the vehicle. Maybe they have to adjust the side view mirrors or the rearview mirror. Perhaps they need to move the chair backward or forward. Maybe they just want to adjust the temperature controls or turn on the headlights. Drivers should do all these things before they leave the house, but many drivers try to do them while operating the vehicle.

Similarly, people often use their cell phones as GPS devices. This is very convenient, but it should be programmed and set up to run in a hands-free fashion. If a driver tries to program the destination while they are driving, or if they hold the phone in their hand while looking at the map, it’s still a serious distraction. It’s not necessarily that drivers shouldn’t use a GPS – it may be necessary – but they need to do it safely.

As long as drivers make mistakes in the car, serious accidents are going to continue happening. Those who have been injured need to know what legal options they have.