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Trucking accidents often have multiple liable parties

When a semi-truck or other large delivery vehicle crashes into your car, it is likely that you or your passengers will sustain a serious personal injury. You deserve to receive compensation for these damages, but suing the truck driver alone might not be the best solution.

Professional truckers have an entire company behind them, and multiple departments can each be a separate liable party in an accident. To get the full financial support you need after a catastrophic accident, you should understand which additional parties might be responsible for the crash.

Who might be responsible for your accident?

It is easy to assume that a trucking accident occurs simply because of the driver’s negligence. However, delivery vehicles have sophisticated navigation systems that might contribute to an accident, and issues with cargo distribution in the trailer can also be a factor. With that said, the liable parties in a trucking accident might include:

  • The company itself
  • Insurance providers covering the company
  • Cargo loading teams
  • Manufacturers
  • Maintenance personnel

What can you do after a complex trucking accident?

It can be difficult to pursue every potentially liable party after a trucking accident, especially when they each likely have their own legal teams to defend them. By building your personal injury case with strong evidence and staunch advocacy, you can create the best chance for a favorable outcome. Many companies might even offer a generous settlement when they see that you have a solid case.

The last thing you want to do after you or a family member suffers a grievous injury is spend your days arguing with lawyers and insurers. Even so, pursuing the parties responsible for your accident might be the only way to physically and emotionally recover from the experience.