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How do distractions cause truck accidents?

When you pass by a truck on a road or see one turning onto the road you are on, you may feel intimidated by the size of the vehicle.

The size and speed of these vehicles are even more dangerous when distractions influence the driver behind the wheel. Learning about how distractions can cause accidents will help you determine what steps to take next if you are in one.

Signs and billboards

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a truck driver may feel interested in looking at places other than the highway during a long drive. This can include staring out the window at billboards or other large signs as they drive by.

Although these signs are stationary and do not move, they can still draw people’s eyes away from the cars and smaller vehicles around them.

Usage of phones

When some truckers get bored, they may choose to take out their phones while driving. This can lead to them looking down to check their messages or texting other people.

Although they may assume that brief glances will not harm anyone, this momentary distraction can actually make them less ready to stop in time. A car that suddenly slows down or stops in front of them is at risk of getting hit if truckers do not notice them.

Food and drinks

Opening soda cans and unwrapping food packages are both risky behaviors when operating a truck. They can cause a serious distraction and limit the use of the trucker’s hands, which often leads to an accident.

After learning about how these accidents happen, you may have a better idea of what to do after a truck hits your vehicle.