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How does driving at nighttime impact a possible car accident?

No matter where you are going, you may encounter a time when you need to drive when it is dark out.

Being able to notice the signs of dangerous driving from other people on the road can help you if you are in an accident at night.

Confusion over lanes

According to the National Safety Council, drivers can mistake one lane for another one in very dim lighting. This means that a person near you could drift into your lane or sideswipe you without warning.

A car is more at risk for this kind of issue when the driver does not have functioning headlights or refuses to turn them on. Poor visibility can seriously impact how far ahead a person can see while on a long stretch of straight road.

Sleepiness and fatigue

Many people on the road at night were up all throughout the day as well. This means that they may suffer from intense fatigue or struggle to keep their eyes open while navigating a road.

If they do not pull off the road and rest, then this can lead to them falling asleep behind the wheel and crashing into an oncoming vehicle. Driving for a long time in the dark on a highway can also lull people to sleep if they are already tired.


Although everyone must pay attention to cars around them, listening to the radio or talking to someone inside a car while driving in the dark can decrease the amount of reaction time the driver has to stop. Since it can be harder to see the area around the car, a driver must make sure to keep their mind on the road.

Driving at night can lead to an accident if a person around you cannot follow the rules of the road.