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Data on falls involving older adults

If you fall down as an older adult, you could face many difficulties in the days, months and even years after the accident. It is essential to review statistics on older adults falling down, as well as the impact of these incidents. Moreover, if you suffered an injury because of another person’s negligence, such as a careless property owner, you need to look into the options you could have.

Unfortunately, older adults are particularly vulnerable when it comes to fall-related injuries.

A look at older adults and falls

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fall-related injuries affect millions of older adults on an annual basis. In fact, three million older adults (those 65 and over) needed emergency care after falling down during 2019. With more Americans reaching this age group, the number of older adults finding themselves in this position has increased in recent years.

In addition to serious injuries, falls also claim the lives of many older adults. In fact, falling down claimed more older adult lives during 2019 than any other type of injury death.

Falls affect older adults in many ways

The CDC reports that from a financial viewpoint, the cost of older adult falls is significant. Each year, these falls generate $50 billion worth of medical expenses. Moreover, falls can threaten your ability to live independently if you are an older American, and you could have to deal with high levels of physical pain and emotional hardships such as depression or anxiety.

Make sure you examine the details of your accident if you believe the negligence of another played a role in your fall.