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How can pedestrians stay safe around electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles appear to be more than a passing fad. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, 7% of adults in the U.S. say they already own an electric car, truck or SUV. Another 39% claim to be thinking about purchasing one in the near future.

While electric vehicles are friendlier to the environment than their internal combustion counterparts, the news is not all positive. Specifically, because electric cars are significantly quieter than gasoline-powered ones, pedestrians may not be able to hear them coming.

Rely on your other senses

If you regularly walk, jog or run, you undoubtedly have had a run-in with a distracted or careless driver. Still, your ears tell you when you need to move to avoid danger. Because your ears may not help much with electric vehicles, it is important to rely on your other senses.

By always looking twice before crossing the street, you minimize your chances of suffering a serious injury in a collision with an electric vehicle.

Plan your trip before leaving home

The roadways in North Dakota and Northwest Minnesota tend to prioritize motor vehicles over pedestrians. Nevertheless, there often are sidewalks and other pedestrian-friendly walkways that keep pedestrians safe. Whenever possible, you should take advantage of these spaces.

If no sidewalk is available, you should walk in the direction of oncoming traffic. This approach gives you an opportunity to keep an eye on drivers. Remember, drivers may not be paying much attention to you, so you should pay extra attention to them.

Even though it can be irritating to have to contend with drivers when you are walking, you cannot risk a collision with an electric car or any other vehicle. Ultimately, though, if a driver of an electric vehicle hits you, you may be eligible for financial compensation for